My Story

Thirty years ago, as a young TV journalist, I pitched dozens of stories a day to frantic News Desks and busy Editors. Sometimes people would lean in: “Yeah, great story!” Sometimes they’d lean back: “Hmmm, nah. Boring.” But nobody ever explained why some stories worked and others didn’t. They just had a gut feeling. Twenty … Continue reading My Story

Stories win new customers

People do business with people. You have to get potential customers to trust you before they will commit. Simple stories build trust: How you’ve helped a similar customer How you deal with problems and mistakes What motivates you (aside from money) I’ve advised over two hundred different business clients on how the stories they tell … Continue reading Stories win new customers

Bad news for entrepreneurs – you are NOT the hero of your own story.

No matter how much you love biographies of Jobs, Branson, Zuckerberg or any other billionaire founder, the fact is that YOU are NOT the hero of your own story. At least, not if you want people to keep listening. Yes there are entrepreneurs whose life stories read like something out of Hollywood, with their classic … Continue reading Bad news for entrepreneurs – you are NOT the hero of your own story.

Tell a story you can hold in your hands

Seeing is believing, right? But there’s one sense that’s even more credible – and that’s touch. If you make your story visible, your audience can see what you mean. If you can make your story physical, something your audience can hold in their hands, imagine how much more powerful it becomes. But often, you’re telling … Continue reading Tell a story you can hold in your hands

Business storytelling – Trinity College Sept17

Stories can help you describe your work or pitch an idea, but they can also unlock the kind of culture change you want to see in your business. Stories work better than mission statements or strategy documents because we’ve all grown up listening to stories as a way of understanding the world. All good stories … Continue reading Business storytelling – Trinity College Sept17