Your Story

Why do you need a story? It’s a noisy world out there. When you need people to listen, understand and do something, you need to tell them a story.

Where are you now?

Death by PowerPoint?

Is this your idea of good communication? Give people a bunch of facts and hope they stay awake? Will they remember what you said in five minutes, let alone five months time?

Facts on their own don’t work – you need to wrap them up in a story!

Become a great storyteller!

Storyteller Tactics – choose your weapon!

I’ve put my best storytelling tips into a beautiful deck of cards, published by PipDecks and successfully launched on Kickstarter (raising $100,000 in six weeks!)

Try these tactics for yourself. Or get in touch for bespoke storytelling training and consultation.

I’ve helped them, I can help you too.

I have worked with thousands of designers, broadcasters, academics, students and entrepreneurs. Here are some of their stories.

As well as stories…

I’m an experienced facilitator and author of a book on creative techniques you can use at work. I’ve written over a hundred tools you can download, for free, on this website.

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