How can I help?

I’m a Business Storytelling expert. As a journalist, I told over 20,000 stories. I can help you tell yours. Right now, I’m doing all my training and consultation over Zoom, for clients including Google, the BBC, Accenture and Roche.

  1. FREE public health advice: do you need help getting a public health message out about Coronavirus? I’m offering my spare time for free to any organisation that needs advice on how to communicate important info about health. I have A LOT of experience of turning difficult/technical information into everyday language. This offer is open to anyone – public sector, private sector, charity – who is trying to do good work in this difficult time.
  2. Story consultation: I’ll give you 1-2-1 advice on how to tell the best stories about your work. Focus on your target audience and your key message.
  3. Webinar trainingJoin with up to 100 colleagues for a lively, interactive session exploring why stories work and how you can improve the stories you tell about your work. 60-90 minutes per session, accompanied by guidance notes.

Find out more: email me at

Right now I can offer webinars on these five topics:


International author, BBC Academy Trainer and former BBC journalist I help people come up with new ideas and tell brilliant stories about their work. I can help you with brainstorming, innovation, storytelling, presentation and communication skills, strategic planning, problem solving and better teamwork through collaboration.

My first book: Be Creative Now! came out on 6th May 2016 with Pearson Business.

Find out more about my experience on his LinkedIn profile or browse my training page here.

Get in touch: or @steverawling on Twitter.

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