My Story

Thirty years ago, as a young TV journalist, I pitched dozens of stories a day to frantic News Desks and busy Editors. Sometimes people would lean in: “Yeah, great story!”

Sometimes they’d lean back: “Hmmm, nah. Boring.”

But nobody ever explained why some stories worked and others didn’t. They just had a gut feeling. Twenty years later, after researching, pitching and telling thousands of stories, I had a gut feeling too.

Joining the BBC in 1995 – so much to learn

When I left the BBC, I thought “People need to tell better stories about their work. I can teach them how to do it.”

But the problem is – you can’t teach a gut feeling.

So I began to read. I read literature and science on storytelling. I listened to authors and psychologists. (These are some of my favourite books, by the way)

And I learned by teaching too. Solving problems for thousands of clients helped me become a better storytelling consultant.

And now – I can tell you why some stories work and others don’t.

I can tell you if your story isn’t working

Get in touch if you’d like my help.

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