30 years of storytelling experience, in a box?

Yes, that’s what you get with my latest guides – check out Storyteller Tactics here.  


Download and print these photo cards that I made back in 2015. You can use them in lots of different ways:

RANDOM IMAGES: a deck of over 70 random images – they’re perfect for idea generating techniques like Lateral Nudge and Metaphor Mash, or you can use them to tease out motivations behind an action (see What’s My Motivation). Finally, you can use them to inspire your presentation or storytelling (see Make it Original and Six Step Storyboard) (file size 12.6Mb)

THE SHOCK OF THE OLD technique. You can use these as an alternative to taking a field trip to a museum or gallery (file size 4.5Mb).

Use for the GIVE ME A SIGN! technique to help you weed out bad ideas (2.7Mb).

Credit: all pictures are by Steve Rawling or taken from