Innovation Stories Video Masterclass – Accenture 2018

Watch through these videos for the highlights of of the Innovation Stories Masterclass I gave for Accenture’s Dublin teams in August 2018. Thanks to Accenture for filming and releasing this footage. Now watch this example of a story arc in action from BBC’s Planet Earth series: So how can we use the rollercoaster of emotions in our … More Innovation Stories Video Masterclass – Accenture 2018

BBC Bristol training

Here’s a selection of tools to help you turn insights into ideas and ideas into stories; to help you sharpen your pitch; and to use tools from fiction to tell great factual stories. Five short courses over two days, so make sure you pick the right downloads for your session. Insights, Ideas and Stories (Tues am) … More BBC Bristol training

Business storytelling – Trinity College Sept17

Stories can help you describe your work or pitch an idea, but they can also unlock the kind of culture change you want to see in your business. Stories work better than mission statements or strategy documents because we’ve all grown up listening to stories as a way of understanding the world. All good stories … More Business storytelling – Trinity College Sept17

Rule #1 of Video Storytelling – Edit in Your Head FIRST!

FIRST RULE of video storytelling: edit in your head before you hit record. If you shoot too much footage a) you’ll struggle to edit it; b) you’ll lose track of the story; and c) the result will be hard to watch. Chances are you’ll lose heart and never finish your first story. So here’s how … More Rule #1 of Video Storytelling – Edit in Your Head FIRST!