Innovation Stories Video Masterclass – Accenture 2018

Watch through these videos for the highlights of of the Innovation Stories Masterclass I gave for Accenture’s Dublin teams in August 2018. Thanks to Accenture for filming and releasing this footage.

Now watch this example of a story arc in action from BBC’s Planet Earth series:

So how can we use the rollercoaster of emotions in our own stories? And what does it tell us about why stories are so powerful?

Watch these two TV adverts run by Nike in 1984 and 2012 – and see the contrast in storytelling styles:

How can you use stories like this when talking about your own work? And what are the emotional cues that can help you uncover stories about the innovation process?

More storytelling and communication tips here.

Here’s more on the classic Double Diamond of innovation and the study of emotions and design thinking by Charles Burnette.

Here you’ll find the worksheets from the Innovation Storytelling session, and here you’ll find a Keynoteversion of the slide-deck (minus the video clips).

And here are some of the books on storytelling that I think are worth a read if you want to go deeper into this fascinating subject.

Good luck. And send me the stories you’re proud of!


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