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Storytelling 1 & 2 for Code

Storytelling comes so naturally to most of us (once we let it), that we can swiftly move on from a basic (Pixar) structure of a story into fun stuff about story arcs, mentors and animal archetypes.

Here are the worksheets and presentation decks from Week 1 and Week 2 sessions at Code.

Here’s the video reminding you why a good presentation is like a washing line:

I’m aware that lots of the archetypal fictional story characters are male, so as a counterbalance, try the Rejected Princesses website, which is full of female mythical and historical characters who are way too badass to be Disney-fied.

Picture credit: Rejected Princesses

Pitch to Win – BIPC session

There are three parts to a successful pitch:

You: what do you have to say about yourself to make people take you seriously. THEY DON’T WANT YOUR LIFE STORY.

Your audience: what do they need, how can your idea help them. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Your message: use stories, use metaphors, use evidence. DON’T USE JARGON OR BULLSH*T

The presentation from the session is here. And the worksheets I used are here.

There are plenty more techniques to help you sell your best ideas here.

And an interesting development from Nat West – an iPhone app that helps you structure a video pitch.

Good luck!