Story arc

Any idea can be expressed as a story, in fact, stories are the best way we’ve evolved for transmitting and retaining information. Try this story arc exercise and see if you can turn your work, your idea or your career into a story. 

You need: 20 to 30 minutes, pen and paper.

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In business, there are two main types of story:

Foundation stories – how we got to where we are today.

Brand stories – how we help our customers get where they want to be.

Spoiler alert – if you’re telling a Brand story, you are not the hero. The person you’re trying to help – your customer, client, stakeholder, etc – is the hero of your story. You are their ally or mentor.

Try this Mentor exercise to see what kind of role your brand, company or work could play in the story of your customer. There are more notes on the two types of business story in this blog post, based on a training session at Hyper Island in Feb 2017.

Credit: Images from Star Wars: A New Hope are copyright LucasFilm Ltd. More on story arcs in Christopher Booker’s encyclopaedic Seven Basic Plots. Why we tell stories.