Sell your best ideas

It’s no good having a brilliant idea if you can’t get anyone to listen. These techniques are all about presentation and storytelling – about selling your best ideas to the people who matter.

  1. 3 steps to avoid bad writing
  2. Ethos, pathos and logos
  3. Make it real
  4. Make it original
  5. Make it simple
  6. Thinking in threes
  7. Omission
  8. Reframing
  9. Go viral
  10. Story arc
  11. What kind of mentor are you?
  12. Pixar six-step storyboard
  13. TRIME test
  14. Hand over the spark
  15. 6 questions every pitch should answer
  16. Factual Storytelling
  17. Cheats and Rebels

There’s a short film here on how to prepare, write and deliver better presentations.