Hand over the spark

Emotions allow you to “hand over the spark” of your story, according to screenwriter Bobette Buster*. People want to care, they want to be moved, but they are overwhelmed with thousands of messages each day. They need to know why you care in order to begin to focus why they should care about your message.

Bottom line: don’t ask me to care until you’ve shown me why you care.

You need: 20-30 minutes, pen and paper.

Download this worksheet

Write your core message. Now write all the reasons why you care. Keep going for at least 15 minutes then look back and pick the reason you care most about. This can include positive emotions like pride and passion or negative emotions, like anger or frustration. Now work out how to tell the story of why you care to other people.

Or try this exercise and go into more detail about what made you care in the first place. This story can help people focus on why they should care too.

Download this worksheet, you’ll need 20-30 minutes and a pen.

*Credit: Bobette Buster, Do Story