Pluses, Potentials and Concerns

How many times do you hear people pay lip service to creativity? They say they want radical new ideas, but respond negatively when you present them with one. Maybe you’re guilty of this too. After all, it’s hard to pause for thought during a busy day and give a new idea a chance.

This technique – Pluses, Potentials and Concerns – is a different way of responding to new and unusual ideas. Give it a try, who knows, it could become a new habit.

You need: just a few minutes.

Watch this video:

You can use this technique in conversations about new ideas – or you can take it a stage further and base an entire workshop on it. You’ll need 30 minutes, paper and pens.

Watch this video:

Download these two worksheets


Credit: Thanks to Roger Firestien (author of Leading on the Creative Edge) for allowing me to reproduce his work here.

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