Shift from how to why

Every new idea slows down as it gets older. You feel like wading through mud. It’s hard to keep the energy that burst out when you first had the idea. Now you’re getting into all those difficult conversations that will make the idea real.

You’ll have doubters. You’ll probably doubts yourself at some point.

But if you reframe for a moment – shift the conversation from “how” to “why” – then you can plug everyone straight back into that 240v power source you felt at the moment of inspiration.

Download this worksheet. List all the “how do we do this?” problems you’re encountering. Now list all the reasons why you’d love to do it and why your customers/audience will love it if you do. Is there anything on the right hand side of the page you can use to give you some leverage over the problems on the left hand side? If nothing else, focussing on the “why” will re-energise you to tackle the “how”.