Sun and rain thinking

New ideas are fragile – they need protection from stormy weather. The authors of Sticky Wisdom* suggest we can react in one of two ways to a new idea: shine warmth on it, or rain down criticism.

Download this worksheet and see how you could react to a new idea that’s in front of you:

rain & sun

  • Suspend your judgement
  • Understand what’s in front of you
  • Nurture the idea

Or you can do this:

  • React straight away
  • Assume you know everything about the idea
  • INsist you are right

Which method – Sun or Rain – do you think will encourage an idea to develop? Here’s an example showing you how Sun and Rain thinking could work.

Credit: *Sticky Wisdom: How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work by Allen, Kingdon, Murrin and Rudkin.