Write Stuff – a six part course

Are you struggling to get people interested in your work? Stuck in a rut with jargon and cliche? If you want to write so people will pay attention, try this six part course:

Write Stuff 1 – Know Your Audience

Write Stuff 2 – Tell Great Stories

Write Stuff 3 – People Talk About People

Write Stuff 4 – Write for the Mind’s Eye

Write Stuff 5 – Make Sure You Make Sense

Write Stuff 6 – Show Up at the Page

The six lessons are free. If you’d like training, one-to-one coaching or feedback on your writing, let’s discuss rates.

Note: this course has been designed with writers in mind: bloggers, article writers, academics and journalists. Different rules apply to highly visual media like Instagram and YouTube. Don’t even ask me about SnapChat. More advice on how to sell your ideas here.