Terms of Business for NewThinking.Tools Ltd

  • Status: I am a consultant and Director of NewThinking.Tools Ltd. I am contracted by my clients but I am not employed by them. I am responsible for paying tax within the UK. I do not pay tax at source on income from clients nor do I receive employee benefits from them.
  • Written agreements: I will always provide my client with a document setting out the scope, timescale and agreed fees for my training or consultancy before starting work. This agreement is a contract for the provision of services and not a contract of employment.
  • Regulations: I will work according to the established policies, regulations and laws that my client observes, including health and safety, anti-corruption, diversity/inclusion, anti-slavery, sustainability etc.
  • Insurance: I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance to cover my work. I expect to be covered by my clients’ public liability insurance while working with them.
  • Confidentiality: I will not use or disclose confidential information belonging to my client without their consent unless required to do so by law, or unless that information is already in the public domain.
  • Data protection: I consent to my clients holding data about me for business reasons. I will take all reasonable steps to protect my clients’ data. See our data protection policy here for more detail.
  • Intellectual property: I waive my claim on any intellectual property rights that may arise out of work I have done for my clients. I grant my clients licence to use training materials I have designed, but I retain ownership of my original materials at all times.
  • Payment & expenses: I expect payment within 28 days of invoicing. In addition, I will claim reasonable expenses that arise in the course of working for my clients. When working outside the UK, I will claim payment in Sterling, based on the exchange rate on the day the invoice is sent. I reserve the right to add a penalty for late payment (beyond 28 days from invoicing) at a rate of 10% added to the overall invoice for every month or part thereof that the payment is delayed.
Statutory information:
  • Company name: NewThinking.Tools Ltd
  • Director: Steve Rawling
  • NewThinking.Tools Ltd is a private limited company, limited by shares, domiciled in England and Wales
  • Registration number: 10112025
  • Accountants: XandCo, Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2AP