Stories win new customers

People do business with people. You have to get potential customers to trust you before they will commit. Simple stories build trust:

How you’ve helped a similar customer

How you deal with problems and mistakes

What motivates you (aside from money)

I’ve advised over two hundred different business clients on how the stories they tell can win new customers. I’m currently working with companies in Europe, North America and the Middle East who are trying to expand their export business during the Covid-19 crisis.

This is how my clients say storytelling helps their business:

“I’ve always thought that creating great product/customer stories require some “magic writer skill”. But going through our customer and company growth experiences, Steve took our answers and simply converted them to great stories.” Argo Rossner, Foresteel

“Steve’s storytelling advice transformed my last pitch. The donors were really impressed and we walked away with an extra £15k backing for our project.” Neil, CEO Global Village

50+ more professional testimonials on my LinkedIn profile.

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