Stories boost your creative process.

We are hardwired for stories. They are the best way we’ve learned to share and remember information. You can use the storyteller’s tools to explain your ideas like you’re telling a story.

Many of my clients are designers, developers and entrepreneurs. I show them how to use stories at every stage of their creative process:

Research with potential customers

Explaining your work to key stakeholders

Pitching your idea to supporters or investors

This is what my clients say about how storytelling helps them build new ideas:

“Steve held a storytelling workshop for a few designers from Fjord. It was filled with wisdom and delivered in a very professional yet entertaining manner. Without a doubt the best workshop I have ever attended.” Emma, designer at Fjord (part of Accenture Group).

“Steve’s framework is brilliant in its simplicity, but versatile to use in all sorts of different ways.” Joel, designer at CodeComputer Love.

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I can help you tell great stories about your work.