Ten Commandments of Creative Thinking

I’ve just finished re-reading Ed Catmull’s wonderful account of life inside Pixar, Creativity, Inc.

Based on this book – and my own experiences over the past few years as a creative thinking trainer inside and outside the BBC – I would like to venture Ten Commandments of Creative Thinking.

  1. This is meant to be fun.
  2. Creativity is a way of working, not a “natural” gift.
  3. Don’t expect the “right” answer yet, just a series of options.
  4. If you put me under pressure, I’ll give you the safe option.
  5. All new ideas are risky, they all suck at first.
  6. If a new idea doesn’t suck, it probably isn’t that new.
  7. We need each other’s help to make our ideas not suck.
  8. Other people will see things I miss.
  9. We’re trying something new, we’re bound to make mistakes.
  10. We will learn from our mistakes and grow.

What do you think? Any you’d add, or can I call the stonemasons?

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