Innovation Stories

Stories are a vital part of the innovation process. A good story can help you pitch or present an idea, or describe the way you work to important stakeholders. So it’s amazing how often people fail to use the power of even the simplest stories. Innovation stories – like all other stories – should have … More Innovation Stories

BBC Bristol training

Here’s a selection of tools to help you turn insights into ideas and ideas into stories; to help you sharpen your pitch; and to use tools from fiction to┬átell great factual stories. Five short courses over two days, so make sure you pick the right downloads for your session. Insights, Ideas and Stories (Tues am) … More BBC Bristol training

Bad news for entrepreneurs – you are NOT the hero of your own story.

No matter how much you love biographies of Jobs, Branson, Zuckerberg or any other billionaire founder, the fact is that YOU are NOT the hero of your own story. At least, not if you want people to keep listening. Yes there are entrepreneurs whose life stories read like something out of Hollywood, with their classic … More Bad news for entrepreneurs – you are NOT the hero of your own story.

TCD Returners 2018

Here’s a short video that shows a little bit of why we love stories: Even in thirty seconds we get a story. Stuff happens. It’s full of emotion. And there’s a moral (don’t be blinded by anger). We get a sense of justice served. Better still, we see the fall coming before the angry man … More TCD Returners 2018

Pitch to Win 2018

A good pitch is the start of a meaningful relationship with an investor, a supporter or a client. It’s not the same as marketing, selling or networking. Your pitch is like the opening line of a conversation where both sides want to achieve something. So there are three rules you should follow when you pitch … More Pitch to Win 2018

Three notebooks that will turn you into a “creative” type

Are you frightened of a blank piece of paper? Do you sit there thinking “I’m not a creative type”? Do new ideas stay stubbornly hidden when you need them most? That’s how I used to feel. I used to think that only a few lucky people were born creative, and that I wasn’t one of … More Three notebooks that will turn you into a “creative” type